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Published open data is described using a set of metadata, i.e., data that provide information about the datasets. Examples of metadata include short description in natural language, keywords/themes, data quality, data freshness (how often data is updated), data source (who published data), data format and other characteristics of the dataset.


One of the challenges is to provide accurate and useful metadata that will increase discoverability, sharing and reuse of data. How this challenge can be met is one of our research topics. For now, we give some references to current best practice in the section under.



Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) provides standard vocabularies for describing datasets in data catalogues. DCAT application profile (DCAT-AP) is used for data portals in Europe.

In Norway we have an adapted Norwegian version of DCAT-AP: DCAT-AP-NO


CKAN plugin for DCAT: This plugin is a part of the official CKAN repository.