This lab is hosted by SINTEF.
The purpose of the lab is to experiment with support and tools for overcoming barriers to publication and use of open data. We would like to test the lab in collaboration with hackatons and other initiatives for use of (open) data.


Publishing open data

Information and tools for owners and providers of open data.

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Using open data

Information and tools for innovators and developers using open data.

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Research on open data

Help us learn more about what makes open data easy or difficult to use, and learn more about our research.

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Data from Norwegian Municipalities

Data from Norwegian Municipalities

Find out which open data sets are available from the ten municipalities in Norway with the highest population.

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Showcases using open data

Descriptions of cases using open data, including references to the data used and links open source repositories.

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Prototyping with open data using Node-red

Node-red is a graphical tool for making prototypes. See how you can use the tool to connect to SBanken and more.

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