Our showcases

The cases we present here have been developed in the context of research projects at SINTEF and/or by student groups supervised by SINTEF.

Turplan (Hike planner) showing map with parking lots

Turplan (Hike planner)

Web-based app for planning hiking trips, with maps of nearby hikes, parking lots and charging stations.

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FiskInfo (Fish Info) mobile app providing maps and reporting of fishing equipment

FiskInfo (Fish Info)

Mobile app providing maps and reporting of fishing equipment.

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Other sources for showcases

Showcases are presented at several open data portals. Some examles are:

Ideas for other showcases?

If you know about other good examples that you think could be presented here, please contact us!

Each case will be described with:

  • a brief introduction to the case with gallary of screenshots
  • brief description of functionality with a larger screenshot
  • links to open data sources that are used by the example
  • link to open source code repository
  • link to demonstration of the system or to app download location