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A group of students at NTNU has during the spring semester of 2020 developed a web-based application that supports municipalities in coordinated publication of open data.

The task of the project group was defined by SINTEF in context of the project SamÅpne. The goal was to develop a prototype focusing on requirements that are unique to those who publish and use open data from municipalities, including coordination and sharing of experiences with publication of data, and easy access to overviews of which datasets are provided by several municipalities.

For the user of open data the portal e.g. provides features for:

  • finding datasets shared by several municipaloities
  • finding datasets which a municiality considers to share in the future
  • giving feedback on datasets

For municipalities the prototype differs from existing open data portals by offering:

  • easy access to which other municipalities share the same data
  • sharing of experiences with open data (e.g. how data was retrived from backend systems)

For a closer look, see: